The OKC-Elohim City Connection
by Victor Thorn


According to the federal government, they had no idea whatsoever that the Alfred P. Murrah building was going to be bombed on April 19, 1995. And, to convince the American public, Attorney General Janet Reno swore that there would be no stone unturned in their investigation. So, 2000+ federal agents were placed on the case; and according to them, 20,000 people would eventually be interviewed. In addition, the investigators checked 43,000 tips, journeyed from Arizona to Las Vegas, and from upstate Michigan to the Philippines in search of answers. In all, they would generate over one billion documents and spend over one million investigative hours on this case.

And what, ultimately, did the government conclude after this exhaustive investigation? Answer: that there was no evidence of anyone involved in the OKC bombing other than Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

As I will prove, though, the government – including the FBI, ATF, Department of Justice, and CIA, among others – lied through their teeth about having no foreknowledge of, or involvement in, the Alfred P. Murrah bombing on April 19, 1995. Specifically, events at a 400-acre compound called Elohim City hold the key to OKC, and elements within our federal government were 100% certain that the horrific events of that day would take place. Regrettably, of the 2,000 federal agents, 20,000 people interviewed, and one million investigative man-hours spent on this case, not one agent was dispatched to Elohim City. In fact, Associated Press writer Paul Query quoted an unnamed law enforcement official who had this to say on the subject: “Elohim City is not a current subject of interest.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Elohim City is not only ground zero for one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in this country’s history; it is also one of the federal government’s biggest sources of fear, for it reveals in painstaking detail how intimately and directly they were involved in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.


To substantiate my introductory claims, I will systematically and methodically show how all roads led to Elohim City. To do so, I’m going to follow, in chronological order, the movements of a man named Andreas Strassmeir, as well as a fascinating cast of characters surrounding him.

To begin, we need to introduce Mr. Strassmeir, who was a German national before emigrating to the United States for a lengthy stay in 1991, where he eventually became the head of security at Elohim City. Strassmeir was the son of Gunter Strassmeir, who was the architect of German reunification and a top aide to German chancellor and Bilderberg luminary Helmut Kohl. In addition, Strassmeier’s grandfather was a founding member of the Nazi party (which, immediately after WWII had direct ties to American intelligence via Project Paperclip), while the Strassmeir name is one of the most respected and influential in Germany. In all, the Strassmeir family was connected to the power elite in every sense of the word.

Strassmeir himself spent seven years in the German Army as a Bundeswehr officer, where he served with the Panzer Grenadiers, which is an elite intelligence unit. And, in case you’re wondering, Strassmeir’s area of expertise was none other than disinformation. This point is extremely important, as we’ll see later, because even though Strassmeir is portrayed as an ardent neo-Nazi, he spoke fluent Hebrew (Israel’s state language), while the London Times reported that he had a Jewish girlfriend who served in the Israeli Army. Is this what we would expect from a notorious “Jew-hater”?

Moving along, even though Strassmeir migrated to the United States in 1991, his first visit here was on April 7, 1989 when he flew to Washington, D.C. What makes his arrival peculiar is that in the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) computers, Strassmeir was given a special status of “AO.” Now even though determining what this status means has been difficult for many researchers, his “AO” reference was completely scrubbed from his computer files a few years later. Why?


To “officially” bring Strassmeir to America, an attorney named Kirk Lyons entered the picture. Who is he? Well, Michael Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment and a veteran reporter for the American Free Press, wrote in an unpublished article that, “For many years Kirk Lyons functioned in some way as a federal undercover agent and/or informant in a movement in which he put himself forward as a legal advocate and spokesman for its cause.” Piper went on to conclude that Lyons was undeniably, above all else, Strassmeir’s “handler.” Lyons even visited Strassmeir’s parents at their plush Berlin residence in 1991.

In fact, Lyons was the person who orchestrated Strassmeir’s relocation to America. He also obtained for him a driver’s license by providing Strassmeir with an address in Knoxville, TN; and he is quoted as saying, “I’m the reason that Andy was at Elohim City. I put him there. So if there was a plan, I guess I’m part of it.” Not only did Lyons introduce Strassmeir to everyone at Elohim City, on April 18, 1995 – one day before the OKC bombing – Lyons’ law firm received a fifteen-minute phone call from a very important person in this scenario – Timothy McVeigh.


Once Strassmeir arrived on our shores in 1991, he quickly gravitated toward, of all things, the Civil War reenactment crowd. Why does this seemingly innocuous bit of trivia merit mention? Because historically, this group has been infiltrated by a variety of CIA splinter groups that use it as a front for illegal gun-smuggling. More importantly, though, The London Times reported that when Strassmeir first arrived in the United States, he was befriended by retired Army officers, CIA veterans, and Civil War reenactment history buffs. These men were part of a network that is very powerful in this country, and one that stretches into the Pentagon and other federal agencies.

One of these men was Vincent Petruskie, who was a special agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) from 1954-1975, and who also knew Strassmeir’s father in Berlin. Petruskie was also a foreign intelligence officer in Vietnam, a member of the 1131st U.S. Air Force Special Activities Squadron, a Special Projects Officer in the Special Activities Branch of the counter-intelligence division in Washington, D.C., and was also reactivated during the Gulf War to fulfill a ‘sensitive assignment.’

Needless to say, Petruskie was connected to deep intelligence sources for decades, and interacted with a cabal of ex-military men and former & current CIA employees who were involved in gun running, mercenary actions, espionage, drug trafficking, blackmail & subversion, and money laundering. These were off-record, black budget operatives, and Vincent Petruskie made a career out of soliciting and deal-making with these shadowy figures.

So, when Andreas Strassmeir arrived in America and needed a place to stay, who opened his doors to him? None other than Vincent Petruskie of Petruskie Associates in Manassas, Virginia; a man who was making at the time $1.6 million/year by working out of his house. How did Strassmeir know Petruskie? In his own words, Strassmeir described his ally as, “a former CIA guy my father had known.” But Petruskie’s friendship didn’t end at mere lodging. In addition, he tried to get Strassmeir a job at the DEA, the Treasury Department, with INS, and also the Department of Justice.

Even more bizarre is the story of when Andreas Strassmeir’s station wagon was impounded by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after he was pulled over for driving without tags or a valid license. Kenny Peace, a tow-truck driver from Muldrow, Oklahoma who yanked the vehicle, said that immediately after this event he started getting a flurry of calls from a Houston attorney, a general or major at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (quite possibly Petruskie), the Highway Patrol’s district office, the State Department, and the Governor’s office – all telling him to immediately release the vehicle. They also said that Andreas Strassmeir had full diplomatic immunity even though his visa had expired.

Furthermore, the contents of Strassmeir’s briefcase held a copy of The Terrorist’s Handbook (including how to build ANFO bombs & detonators with delayed fuses), job applications for the INS & DEA, foreign bank statements which showed he was by no means an impoverished pauper, and suspected government classified documents in both English and German. But most bizarre were the classified papers detailing negotiations by Strassmeir on behalf of Petruskie Associates to buy 747s from Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines to begin a transport business out of Costa Rica! Now think about this incredible statement. Considering that Petruskie was involved with a shadow-group of black-budget operatives at the height of the crack cocaine craze, what do you think these airliners flying out of South America were going to be used for?


After Strassmeir’s early adventures with Vincent Petruskie, he aligned himself with a citizen’s militia called the Texas Light Infantry Brigade. The only problem was: the members of this group quickly became suspicious of Strassmeir’s motives and loyalty, so they followed him late one night to a federal building. There, they saw Strassmeir approach an electric lock on the door, upon which he punched in the code on an electronic keypad. And just like that, Strassmeir gained access to the building. What makes this scenario relevant is that the federal building conveniently housed an office of the ATF. Anyway, after witnessing this transgression, the TLIB gave Strassmeir his walking papers for being a suspected undercover agent.


At this point we must ask ourselves: who was Andreas Strassmeir? On July 14, 1996, The McCurtain Gazette reported that, according to a highly-placed source at the FBI’s intelligence division, he was a paid ATF informant or asset sent to infiltrate Elohim City. This sentiment was echoed by Timothy McVeigh’s lawyer, Stephen Jones, during a 1998 interview on KTOK radio in Oklahoma City. Jones said Strassmeir was a German national recruited by Louis Freeh to do deep undercover and intelligence operations for the FBI in the United States. He also said that he discussed Strassmeir’s FBI alliance to the German government with U.S. prosecutor Beth Wilkinson. There is also FBI form 302 which has been unearthed stating that Strassmeir was a CIA asset on loan from the German government. Now, as you’ve noticed, three different agencies have been mentioned – the FBI, ATF, and CIA – in relation to who Strassmeir was working for. And until our government is more forthcoming with information, we can’t be certain of any more precise details other than he was a shared asset on loan to the U.S. government.


After being outed by the Texas Light Infantry Brigade, Strassmeir, under the tutelage of attorney Kirk Lyons, migrated to a 400-acre compound in rural Oklahoma (near Muldrow) named Elohim City. This enclave became, according to Time magazine, “the who’s who of the radical right” because it housed members of the Aryan Republican Army; the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord, the National Alliance, KKK, Aryan Nation, as well as many other militia and/or neo-Nazi style groups.

The Elohim City crowd was also prone to violence, as was revealed by U.S. Assistant Attorney Steven N. Snyder of Fort Smith, Arkansas, who said that a plot was hatched as far back as 1983 to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah building. The primary movers in this conspiracy were Richard Wayne Snell, James Ellison, and Kerry Noble, who wanted to use plastic explosives and rocket launchers to topple the building. The authorities took this plot seriously enough to raid Elohim City in 1985, where they arrested Covenant founder James Ellison.

Despite its notoriety (Kerry Noble, former Covenant member, said of Elohim City, “It has the potential, down the road, of being the most dangerous group in the country”), it was never again raided from 1985 until the OKC bombing in 1995. The big question is: why? Even an FBI report called Project Megiddo addressed the phenomenon surrounding Elohim City-style compounds when they said right-wing Christian terrorists posed the gravest danger to our country, and would be the most likely to incite violence in the months and years ahead.


To understand the mind-boggling sense of immunity that was given to Elohim City, we need to look at Robert Millar, who founded this community in 1973. Despite his status as a spiritual lead of the militant right, senior FBI agent Peter Rickel testified on June 31, 1997 that, “Millar was in regular contact with the agency in the years before the bombing.” Millar actually confirmed these words on July 1, 1997 when he told the Tulsa World newspaper that he repeatedly shared information with the FBI, DEA, and other law enforcement officials.

This is why The McCurtain Daily Gazette reported on July 1, 1997 that, “Millar’s position as a mole for the FBI could explain why the compound has never been raided. Despite its use as a hideout for gun-runners, drug dealers, bank robbers and suspected members of the conspiracy that bombed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Elohim City has enjoyed a reputation as a place where fugitives can live without fear of arrest.”


Robert Millar wasn’t the only individual at Elohim City who was speaking with the authorities. There were plenty of others, including:

James Ellison, former Covenant, Sword, & Arm of the Lord member who was married to Millar’s grand-daughter and who testified against the Order.

Peter Langan, the son of a retired U.S. Marine intelligence officer and leader of the Aryan Republican Army. After being arrested for robbing a Georgia Pizza Hut, the U.S. Secret Service intervened and had him released.

Gary Hunt, paid informant of the BATF who was videotaped in the company of two other ATF agents at the Grand Continental Hotel in OKC a full-week before the bombing. He was also videotaped, along with a companion, on April 19, 1995 by a OKC television station right after the bombing. Both men were carrying transmitters and walking rapidly from the Alfred P. Murrah building. Hunt was even videotaped as a pall bearer at the funeral of an ATF agent.

Christian Identity, a group financed by the FBI to serve as an agent provocateur to incite violence and terrorism within the United States.


As mentioned earlier, Elohim City was a sin city of sorts which harbored fugitives and criminals of all varieties. Of special note were:

Michael Langon, known as “Commander Pedro,” who commandeered 22 different bank robberies in seven states which netted over $250,000. This spree extended over two years, and explosives were used in many of the heists. Oddly, even though Langan was wanted in six states, there wasn’t even one crime scene arrest or fatality at any of the robberies, and never did the burglars encounter any bank guards or law enforcement officials.

Michael Brescia, one of the actual bomb-planters inside the Alfred P. Murrah building, was arrested on January 30, 1997 in Philadelphia for his participation in a number of bank robberies. He moved to Elohim City in 1994 and was a roommate of Andreas Strassmeir. Brescia has also been identified as John Doe # 2 by Dennis Mahon, ATF informant Carol Howe, and Timothy McVeigh’s acquaintance/girlfriend, Catina Lawson.

Richard Guthrie, the son of CIA parents and a Navy veteran, he was also arrested for bank robbery, but not before frequently visiting Tim McVeigh in Arizona.

Other shady characters of note were Michael Fortier, who Robert Millar admitted (to KOKH-TV) had lived at Elohim City shortly before the bombing.

Then there is Dennis Mahon, who got his start in the Order, which was founded by Robert Matthews. He then went on to become third in line at the White Aryan Resistance (WAR). Mahon also served as a former Imperial Dragon of the Oklahoma KKK, and was described by Andreas Strassmeir as a “good friend.” Equally important, Mahon admitted to meeting Timothy McVeigh several times, and said that Michael Brescia was “up to his ass” in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Are you starting to see a great deal of interconnectedness taking place here?


Lo and behold, if you’ve been wondering how Timothy McVeigh fits into this picture, we’ll start adding a few of his pieces to the puzzle. For starters, there are some “official” disinformation sources that say McVeigh had never even visited Elohim City. But we now know that McVeigh and Terry Nichols drove, on October 12, 1993 from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Elohim City to meet with Andreas Strassmeir. Also in attendance were bank robbers Richard Guthrie and Peter “Commander Pedro” Langon.

We can also connect McVeigh to the Elohim City coterie through the following:

     - a hotel receipt dated September 13, 1994
     - a speeding ticket he received in 1993 a few miles from the compound
     - phone records - McVeigh called Strassmeir at Elohim City on April 5, 1995 a few         minutes after reserving a Ryder truck
     - prisoner interviews
     - his participation in military maneuvers directed by Strassmeir at Elohim City on         September 12, 1994
     - informant reports – Carol Howe, who we will get to a little later, directly linked McVeigh         (using the name “Tim Tuttle”) to Strassmeir, Dennis Mahon, and Pete Ward at Elohim         City

With this information in mind, I can categorically conclude that Timothy McVeigh was at Elohim City in the months and years before the Oklahoma City bombing.

On the other hand, to further link McVeigh to the Elohim City criminal element, FBI documents show that they strongly suspected McVeigh of participating in a December, 1994 Ohio bank robbery with some Aryan Nation members, including Michael Brescia. This seems to make sense, because McVeigh’s sister testified later that he wanted her to launder some money for him in December, 1994. This would also at least partially explain how McVeigh, with no job and a sporadic work record, would have the money to travel around the country and buy cases of The Turner Diaries which he sold at rented gun-show tables.

More proof of McVeigh’s Elohim City links come from a highly documented April 8, 1995 event (merely a week-and-a-half prior to the OKC bombing) where McVeigh, Strassmeir, and Michael Brescia were videotaped by security cameras at Lady Godiva’s strip joint in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their visit was verified by the Fifth Estate, Canada’s version of 60 Minutes. Of special note is McVeigh bragging to one of the dancers, “On April 19, 1995 you’ll remember me for the rest of your life.”

But to truly understand McVeigh’s role in the OKC bombing, we need to dig a little deeper. David Paul Hammer, who spent 23 months with McVeigh on death row in Terre Haute, Indiana, says that McVeigh told him about meeting with three shadowy men with close ties to the U.S. military shortly after he left the Army. McVeigh also added that these men only went by code names, and that one of the meetings (with someone known only as “the Major”) took place at Camp McCall, which was on the grounds of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Could this once again be Vincent Petruskie?

At this meeting with “the Major,” McVeigh was told that he was passed over for a spot in the elite Army Special Forces so that he could be recruited into a black budget Department of Defense project where he would gather intelligence for the government on members of the radical right, including specifically the Aryans, KKK, and militias. Does this sound at all like the groups that inhabited Elohim City? In effect, then, McVeigh would become a pseudo-agent for the United States government.

I realize that such a scenario sounds fantastic, but in a letter that was read in 1995 before a grand jury, Timothy McVeigh’s sister said that he thought he was going into a Special Forces covert tactical unit to fight against evil-doers. Author David Hoffman confirms this sentiment in his book The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror:

     “McVeigh wrote his sister Jennifer while he was still in the Army telling her that he had      been picked for a highly specialized Special Forces Covert Tactical Unit (CTU) that was      involved in illegal activities. The letter was introduced to the Federal Grand Jury.      According to former grand juror Hoppy Heidelberg, these illegal activities included      “protecting drug shipments, eliminating the competition, and population control.”

The Associated Press also reported that the government had been closely monitoring those who came to show their support for the Branch Davidians prior to the Waco siege. McVeigh, of course, was in attendance handing out anti-New World Order literature.

Could it be that Timothy McVeigh had been sheep-dipped in the exact same manner as Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the John F. Kennedy assassination? To those who’ve studied this subject, we know that Guy Bannister and E. Howard Hunt made sure that Oswald was photographed handing out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans, and they even got him on a local radio show to secure the connection. Could McVeigh also have been reinvented as a “racist revolutionary” who would play a Manchurian Candidate role in some later black-op project?

Before ruling out the possibility, let’s return to another quote from David Hoffman’s book:

     “In an illuminating series of phone calls to Representative Charles Key, an anonymous      source stated that McVeigh was present at several meetings with ATF and DEA agents      in the days immediately preceding the bombing. The meetings took place in Oklahoma      City at different locations. The ostensible purpose of these meetings was to provide      McVeigh with further instructions, and to facilitate a payoff. David Hall of KPOC-TV      uncovered information that McVeigh had met with local ATF agent Alex McCauley in a      McDonalds the night before the bombing. The ATF agent was seen handing McVeigh an      envelope.”

Adding another element to the espionage angle is James Nichols, who in his book Freedom’s End claims that McVeigh was met in prison by the notorious MK-ULTRA mind-bender Dr. Jolyon West, who not only pronounced Jack Ruby “insane” after killing Lee Harvey Oswald, but also handled Sirhan Sirhan following the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Moreover, McVeigh also stated that he thought he’d been implanted with a computer microchip while serving in the Army, and many have declared that he was under the influence of mind-control drugs during his incarceration after the bombing.

A further insight into McVeigh’s personality was provided by a woman named Lynda Haner-Mele, who worked with McVeigh at Burns Security in early 1992.

     “Tim wasn’t the type of person who could initiate action. He was very good if you said,      ‘Tim, watch this door --- don’t let anyone through.’ The Tim I knew couldn’t have      masterminded something like the OKC bombing. It would have had to have been      someone who said, ‘Tim, this is what you do. You drive the truck.’”

All of this leads us once again back to Andreas Strassmeir, who admitted that he met Timothy McVeigh in the late spring of 1993 at a Tulsa gun show, and that he was in possession of McVeigh’s Desert Storm military uniforms. Does this sound like someone who merely enjoyed a passing acquaintance with McVeigh?

Furthermore, ATF infiltrator-agent Carol Howe has unequivocally stated that Andreas Strassmeir was the OKC mastermind and prime instigator of the bombing; and McVeigh was merely his protégé. She also said that Strassmeir exerted “extraordinary influence over McVeigh.”


Anyone familiar with the deep dirty secrets of the OKC bombing intuits that Carol Howe’s role as an informant, along with her subsequent testimony, are the incriminating smoking guns that completely shred the government’s credibility. For starters, official sources denied that Howe was even employed by them. But now, ten years later, we know for a fact that Ms. Howe’s Confidential Informant number was: 53270-183 (or, for short, CI-183).

After being caught in this lie, the government said that Howe was dropped from their employ in June, 1995, after the OKC bombing. But an ATF report dated January 31, 1996 stated, “It is required that CI 53270-183 be retained as an active informant.” Plus, under cross-examination, Howe’s superior, Karen Finley, admitted that she was an active informant until December 18, 1996.

We have further proof of Howe’s status as an informant via internal BATF documents, specifically Karen Finley’s preliminary report, which had an ATF Investigation Number of 53270-94-0124-B, and was recorded on form # 3270.2. This form was signed by not only Finley, but also David E. Roberts (Resident in Charge of the Tulsa field office) and Tommy Wittman; and was forwarded to Lester D. Martz, Special Agent in charge of the Dallas Field Division of the ATF. In this report, Howe’s work was described as “sensitive” and “significant” according to ATF official Robert Sanders.

Furthermore, on February 22, 1995, Ken Stafford, an Oklahoma State patrol pilot, told Karen Finley that the FBI had an informant inside Elohim City in addition to Howe. In true spy versus spy fashion, though, the ATF and FBI did not know of the other’s existence or identity.

Now that we have proof that Carol Howe was an ATF informant, what type of information did she feed to this agency? To answer this question, we’ll start with ATF Special Agent Karen Finley’s testimony on April 24, 1997:

     Question: Ms. Howe told you about Mr. Strassmeir’s threats to blow up federal buildings,         didn’t she?
     Finley: In general, yes.
     Question: That was before the OKC bombing?
     Finley: Yes.
     Question: Now, Ms. Howe actually took some of these people from Elohim City at your         direction to Oklahoma City, didn’t she?
     Finley: She went with them. She probably didn’t drive.
     Question: This trip to OKC by Elohim City residents occurred before the bombings,         actually by a few weeks, didn’t it?
     Finley: No, it would be months … the fall of ’94.
     Question: Are you sure? So, it wasn’t the third week of February?
     Finley: Oh, I’m sorry, we did send her back.
     Question: The very next day, you asked Ms. Howe to take you to Oklahoma City and         show you the places they visited, didn’t you?
     Finley: I don’t know if it was the next day, but yes, I took her to OKC and asked her the         places.

With this incriminating testimony in mind, let’s cut to the chase. To begin, in the months prior to the OKC bombing, Carol Howe submitted over 70 reports to Karen Finley, her BATF control officer. She was also polygraphed at least a dozen times to check her reliability, and each time she passed with flying colors. Also, ATF reports described Howe as a “key” witness, along with being “stable and capable.”

Why, then, wouldn’t the ATF want Ms. Howe’s testimony to be heard? As we have already briefly seen, it all boils down to foreknowledge and direct complicity. Howe told her superiors in no uncertain terms that Andreas Strassmeir and Dennis Mahon were the primary instigators of the OKC bombing. She also told the ATF that Strassmeir teamed-up with a KKK leader from Tulsa – Dennis Mahon – to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma.

She also reported that Strassmeir and Mahon made three trips to OKC to case various locales – one in November, 1994; the next in December, 1994; and finally in February, 1995. Howe even accompanied them on one of these trips. Plus, these assertions were corroborated by Karen Finley – under oath – on April 24, 1997. Finley even accompanied Howe to OKC to see the exact areas that Strassmeir and Mahon cased.

Is it clear what is being presented here? The ATF knew that Strassmeir and other Aryan Republican Army members had discussed blowing up federal buildings in OKC. They knew that the Alfred P. Murrah building was a target, just like it was in 1983 when other Elohim City residents plotted to destroy it. They knew that Timothy McVeigh and others had spoken of bombing the APM building because Carol Howe notified her superiors of this fact. Even Robert Millar, Elohim City founder, called for a preemptive strike against the government several months before April 19th.

If you’re still not convinced, during Carol Howe’s trial, ATF Agent Karen Finley testified that the FBI, as well as her agency, “had the information in advance of the bombing of the Murrah building.” She also admitted that Howe warned them of bomb threats against federal buildings before April 19, 1995. In addition, during her own trial, Carol Howe was asked by her lawyer, Clark Brewster, if she thought she had provided sufficient information for the ATF to conduct an investigation that would have confirmed the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building would take place. Howe answered yes. She is also quoted as saying, “It is the indisputable truth that the government had ‘detailed prior knowledge’ of the plot to bomb the building, but somehow failed to stop it.”

Ms. Howe’s words are confirmed by an event which took place on February 7, 1995 when Karen Finley and other ATF agents flew with Oklahoma State Patrol pilot Ken Stafford over Elohim City to photograph and videotape the complex to gather intelligence for a possible raid to arrest Strassmeir and others. They were specifically targeting Strassmeir because Howe told ATF officials that he kept declaring, “It’s time to go to war,” and “It’s time to start bombing federal buildings.”

This type of inflammatory rhetoric alarmed the authorities to such an extent that an arrest/raid was scheduled for February, 1995. But, in that same month, this invasion of Elohim City was scrubbed after senior members of the BATF, FBI, and U.S. Attorney’s office met.

The ramifications of this decision cannot be overemphasized, as former Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key stated to World Net Daily on May 22, 2001: “It’s fair to speculate that the FBI got the ATF to call the raid off, or told them to, or someone with higher authority did.” He also added, “If they had not called that raid off, it alone may have stopped the bombing of the Murrah building.”

It should also be noted that the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) cancelled the FBI’s notice to detain Andreas Strassmeir, and that the State Department wouldn’t assist in getting Germany’s cooperation to question Strassmeir after the bombing. Lastly, even though Carol Howe – who provided mountains of information to the ATF, urged them to raid the Elohim City bunker, and who was taken to the basement of the old Pepco Building in downtown Oklahoma City for debriefing only hours after the bombing – was prohibited from testifying at Timothy McVeigh’s trial. The reason? Judge Richard Matsch said that her testimony might “confuse” the jurors.”


The most pressing question at this point is: why would those at the highest levels of government – all the way up to the Department of Justice – call off this raid? According to Robert Sanders, a top ATF official, Elohim City was under intense scrutiny by federal agencies at the top levels of management. The reports given to these individuals about the activities at Elohim City include: illegal explosives and firearms, illegal immigration, planned terrorism, a history of violence, and incendiary rhetoric. Worse, this information went to the FBI, ATF, Treasury, Department of Justice, National Security Council, and even Bill Clinton’s White House.

Plus, most everyone included in this sordid Elohim City saga were either operatives, spooks, or informants, including Andreas Strassmeir, Kirk Lyons, Vincent Petruskie, Robert Millar, James Ellison, Peter Langan, Gary Hunt, Timothy McVeigh, and Carol Howe.

The foreknowledge of an April 19 bombing was so widespread that Richard Wayne Snell, a member of James Ellison’s Covenant, Sword, & Arm of the Lord bragged about this catastrophe on the day of his execution – coincidentally on April 19, 1995. Arkansas prison official Alan Ables said of Snell: “He repeately predicted that there would be a bombing or explosion on the day of his death.” When his prophetic words about the OKC bombing came true, he knowingly chuckled and laughed before being put to death.

Similarly, Chevie Kehoe, another bank robber associated with the Elohim City crowd, showed-up at a Spokane motel about 45 minutes before the bombing to watch the event on CNN. The hotel manager told The Spokane Review that Kehoe had been talking about it for days. “It’s about time,” he eventually proclaimed with manic excitement. Also, as a side-note, Elohim City founder Robert Millar admitted that Kehoe and his brother had lived at the compound.

Could it be that the entire OKC bombing was a covert government cover-up? Considering all those on the ‘inside’ who were funneling data to the authorities, plus the totally hands-off, immune status that these men enjoyed, what else can we conclude? Was a cabal within our federal government actually scapegoating those at Elohim City by enticing them into committing illegal acts, or a conspiracy to do so; all the while as they were being egged-on by paid provocateurs?

The McCurtain Gazette reported (July, 1996) the ominous words of a former government undercover agent who said, “It is typical for agencies such as the CIA, FBI & BATF to place multiple moles inside a place like Elohim City and play one resource off the other, without either one knowing the other’s identity.”

Mike Vanderboegh, editor of The John Doe Times, echoed this sentiment on July 4, 1997: “Not even in czarist Russia did the secret police send paid provocateurs to provoke the other paid provocateurs. Elohim City can thus be seen in its true light -- not as an operation infiltrated and suborned by infiltrators -- but rather as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FBI/ATF.”


Which, not surprisingly, brings us back to Andreas Strassmeir. Karen Finley, Carol Howe’s superior, said in an ATF report on November 29, 1994: “His [Strassmeir’s] plans were to forcibly act to destroy the U.S. government with direct actions and operations such as assassinations, bombings, and mass shootings.” She also informed her superiors that Strassmeir was a huge weapons dealer, and his status as of December, 1994 was that of an illegal alien.

Dennis Mahon, a co-conspirator in the bombing, had this to say of the situation: “If a person wanted to know about the bombing, then they should talk with Andy Strassmeir because he knows everything.”

Similarly, Media Bypass reported in September, 1996 that high-level FBI sources said, “ATF computer indices reflect substantial intelligence-gathering activities in which Strassmeir participated.” They continued, “Either Andy is their snitch or he is under investigation and has been for a long time. And considering the fact that it was Strassmeir that McVeigh made the call to … well, why do you suppose he wasn’t interviewed right after that became known? Could it be that Andy’s being protected?”

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves, who did Strassmeir work for? Quite telling is the fact that when Timothy McVeigh’s attorneys wanted Strassmeir’s files, they had to ask the CIA for them! Also, it is now known that FBI Director Louis Freeh was aware of Strassmeir and had been monitoring his activities, and that he was a subject of interest to the State Department’s Counter-terrorism Division of Diplomatic Protective Services.

More incredibly, a BOLO (Be On Look Out) alert was issued on Strassmeir in the weeks preceding the bombing by Tulsa ATF agents who were seeking his arrest. Yet, even though Strassmeir and Mahon were the subject of investigations in the days after the OKC bombing, they were subsequently dropped from any follow-ups. Why? Is this a case of one hand not knowing what the other was doing, or something more sinister? After all, if Strassmeir was arrested and started to sing, guess where everything would lead – directly to our federal government, and possibly beyond.

British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard described the scenario as such: “The plot was hatched at Elohim City in the fall of 1994 under the guidance of Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeir, two men who were clearly enjoying the protection of the FBI. McVeigh was undoubtedly part of the movement, and the bombing was probably part of a sting operation that went disastrously wrong.”

Still, despite the incriminating evidence pointing to his involvement in the OKC bombing, in May of 1995, an Oklahoma news service took film footage of Andreas Strassmeir still residing at Elohim City! Another clip shows him together with Michael Brescia. They were still living there, even after Carol Howe, during her debriefing by the FBI on April 20, 1995, identified Strassmeir as one of the primary perpetrators.

Even a member of the mainstream media - Roger Charles - a former 20/20 producer, told Soldier of Fortune magazine in July, 2001 that there was “compelling evidence that Strassmeir had access to prior knowledge regarding the bombing.” He also noted that in subsequent interviews, Strassmeir said that:

     (a) two yellow trucks were connected to the bombing, not just one
     (b) federal authorities put tracking devices on the trucks as they approached OKC that        day

The biggest question now is: where did Strassmeir get his information, and why wasn’t he immediately arrested as a suspect? Instead, Strassmeir remained in this country until January, 1996, whereupon he was whisked out of the country. And guess who facilitated this departure. First in line was the infamous attorney Kirk Lyons, while the actual dirty work was performed by Germany’s elite counter-terrorism group, the GSG-9.


After Andreas Strassmeir fled the country in early 1996, he began speaking out in various interviews. Here are a few of his more revealing quotes. While reading them, ask yourself: was Strassmeir a simple neo-Nazi klutz, or was he elaborating as someone with deep knowledge from inside the intelligence world?

Quote 1: “It’s obvious that it [OKC] was a government op that went wrong, isn’t it? The ATF had something going with McVeigh. They were watching him. Of course they were.”

Quote 2: “McVeigh knew he was delivering a bomb, but he had no idea what was in the truck. He just wanted to shake things up a little; y’know, make a gesture.” Again, we need to ask: where was Strassmeir getting his information?

Quote 3: When asked by British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard if an informant could ever speak out about Oklahoma City, Strassmeir replied, “How can he? What happens if it [the bombing] was a sting operation from the very beginning?” He continued, “What happens if it comes out that the plant was a provocateur? What then? Of course the informant can’t come forward. He’s scared stiff right now.” When Pritchard was asked if he thought Strassmeir was referring to himself as the plant, he responded, “Of course. There’s no doubt that is exactly what he meant to convey. He was stating it as plainly as he could without admitting criminal culpability on his own part.”


At this stage, we need to ask once again: were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols lone-nut bombers who acted alone to plan, coordinate, orchestrate, execute, and cover-up the OKC bombing? As we’ve seen, an overwhelming amount of evidence proves that not only were others involved in this cataclysmic event, but various federal agencies had infiltrated and monitored many of the groups which gravitated to Elohim City. In fact, CNN reported in June, 1995 that two years before the bombing, McVeigh was already being surveilled by undercover agents at an Arizona gun show. Then, on June 3, 1995, The Washington Post stated that it was actually a McVeigh associate who tipped-off the FBI that he was involved in the bombing. This point is crucial, because it irrefutably contradicts the official story that McVeigh only became known to them after he was arrested by a vigilant police officer during a traffic stop following the bombing.

Now, considering that McVeigh associated with known ‘hate groups,’ and their involvement in the OKC bombing is undeniable, why would organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center do everything imaginable to deflect blame AWAY from known Aryans, KKK’ers, and racists? In other words, why were they so vociferously supporting the lone-nut theory when there was an unabashedly militant-Nazi enclave at Elohim City? Wouldn’t you think groups such as the ADL and SPLC would want to nail them to the wall all at once?

The ADL’s behavior can only be explained when we realize that this agent of the B’Nai B’rith - which has secret files on over 10,000 American citizens and over 600 different organizations, while regularly sharing data with the Mossad and CIA – is hiding something. And what, pray tell, could they want to keep from public scrutiny? Quite simply, the ADL was directly involved in tailing Timothy McVeigh in the weeks and years preceding the bombing.

One of the most noted authorities on this subject is Michael Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment and The New Jerusalem. In an interview with Tom Valentine of Radio Free America, Piper stated very directly, “Although a lot of people like to talk about government foreknowledge of the OKC bombing plot, the fact is that much of that government knowledge actually came to the FBI and BATF, and probably even the CIA, from ADL informants active in the ‘right wing’.”

A perfect example of how intricately the ADL had become entwined with McVeigh came about through the most unlikely of scenarios. On April 21, 1995, two days after the OKC bombing, The Washington Post ran a story about McVeigh in which they claimed that he had placed a series of ads in The Spotlight, a populist newspaper that Piper wrote for. The source for this tip was none other than the ADL, and the article said that the ad was placed by McVeigh using the alias “T.Tuttle.” In addition, it also named the dates upon which these ads ran, what he was selling (they mistakenly said rocket launchers when in fact they were flare guns), and that he’d also placed calls on a Spotlight phone card under the name “Darryl Bridges.”

Now please remember, this article ran only two days after the bombing. Anyway, after Piper read this reference to the publication for which he was employed, he and others began a painstaking process to see if these assertions were true. It should be noted that The Spotlight wasn’t computerized in those days, so the employees had to engage in a laborious, time-consuming search to even find these ads in question, let alone verify them. They simply couldn’t punch a few keys and have it instantly pop-up on their computer screens. Thus, they had to dig through file cabinet after file cabinet to locate these “T.Tuttle” ads.

Mysteriously, though, the ADL had no difficulty in forwarding this information to The Washington Post. How could this be, especially when McVeigh didn’t even use his real name? The odds of stumbling upon such a find seems astronomical. Or, could it be attributed to the ADL’s highly sophisticated data bases with all its intelligence apparatus? Or, could it be that this information was already at their fingertips because they had been trailing McVeigh for quite some time?

But wait, the peculiarities get even more bizarre. For starters, the dates upon which the ADL told The Washington Post that “T.Tuttle’s” ads ran in The Spotlight were wrong! Y’see, McVeigh has originally contracted for the first of four ads to run the week beginning August 9, 1993. But due to some type of production problem at the newspaper, the first ad didn’t actually run until the following week – August 16, 1993.

Something seems to be awry, so let’s be very clear about this. How could the ADL have known so much about these specific ads when McVeigh was using an alias, and The Spotlight records weren’t even computerized? Plus, this was only two days after the bombing; so if we figure in contact time, writing time, pre-production set-up time, printing time, and distribution time, the data had to have come to the ADL immediately. This seems impossible unless they had someone very close to McVeigh.

Michael Collins Piper even went so far as to say of this high-level connection: “Do you know how the ADL knew that McVeigh had advertised in The Spotlight? The ADL had a guy in McVeigh’s inner circle, close to McVeigh.”

The real clincher, though, resulted from a very peculiar reaction by The Washington Post and the ADL. Upon realizing that the information they had run in their morning edition about the dates of McVeigh’s ads was off by a week, and that such a disclosure would undeniably blow their cover, the Post completely scrubbed all references to The Spotlight ad and “T.Tuttle” in their afternoon edition. Worse, they even erased all references to this advertisement in their microfiche records. Strange behavior? You better believe it.


Despite the preponderance of evidence presented in this speech, Joseph Hartzler, the chief prosecutor at Timothy McVeigh’s trial, said, “At no time did the FBI consider Andreas Strassmeir a subject of the OKC bombing investigation.”

Regrettably for Mr. Hartzler, we now know this statement is untrue, because on April 27, 1995, FBI Special Agent Hudspeth made a background check on Andreas Strassmeir to German police intelligence. This report was eventually returned to the State Department’s Counter-terrorism Division, Office of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott.

Incredibly, in light of all the direct evidence linking Strassmeir to the OKC bombing, the FBI didn’t interview him until April 30, 1996, and this wasn’t even done in person, but via telephone. Such a blatant miscarriage of justice is even more damning when we consider that Strassmeir remained in the United States for eight months after the bombing, and didn’t depart for Germany until January, 1996.

During these crucial eight months when Strassmeir remained in the U.S., our government had time to review over 70 reports filed by informant Carol Howe, along with 38 audio cassette tapes and two videotapes. The source of these figures was none other than ATF official Robert Sanders. And what, you may inquire, was contained in Ms. Howe’s recordings and reports? Well, the information pertained to the identity of the Elohim City residents, those who visited the compound, their organizational structure, family trees, telephone numbers, license plate numbers, explosives, guns, and even their tattoos.

Yet Elohim City was never raided … not once, even though the ATF and FBI knew that Dennis Mahon had been setting-off 500-pound ANFO bombs in the months before April 19, 1995. Why didn’t our government even question Mahon about his role in the OKC bombing? It’s incredible.

In addition, a newly released FBI document, which was obtained by Timothy McVeigh’s attorney, states, “There was evidence withheld by the government that another person could well have been the mastermind behind the bombing.” Do you think they could have been referring to Andreas Strassmeir, or somebody even higher than him?

We also know that other relevant information was covered-up after the bombing, because on May 10, 2001, the Department of Justice turned over 4,000 previously undisclosed FBI investigative papers. Furthermore, Chairman Dan Burton’s House Government Reform Committee uncovered the whereabouts of numerous confiscated videotapes and photographs that most certainly would have refuted the official version of events. These very same videos have also been cited by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee (OKBIC), yet the Department of Justice absolutely refuses to release them, even under the Freedom of Information Act.

At this point I could go on and on with a litany of examples which prove that a cabal within our federal government was directly involved in the OKC bombing, and that they subsequently covered-up their actions; but instead I’ll simply ask one question that hearkens back to the opening section of this speech: Do you feel that no stone went unturned in Attorney General Janet Reno’s investigation?

If your answer is no, then even though the FBI, BATF, and CIA were undeniably complicit in the OKC cover-up, the ultimate responsibility leads directly to the doorsteps of Janet Reno, former President Bill Clinton, and Ms. Jamie Gorelick, who was also instrumental in covering-up the TWA Flight 800 disaster and 9-11. Militia members at Elohim City were not the ultimate driving force behind the Oklahoma City bombing disaster on April 19, 1995; they were simply a pretext used to cover for much more sinister forces directly inside our own federal government.


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