The High Priests of War

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The High Priests of War
Michael Collins Piper

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The High Priests of War

They’re called "neoconservatives." But in reality, they are hardcore Communists and Trotskyites. A secret cabal of Jews whose billionaire backers have propelled them to power, they control the White House, the CIA, and the Pentagon behind-the-scenes, and they are using America as their proxy to establish a global empire of the Illuminati. Four decades ago they assassinated President John F. Kennedy, proving they are capable of anything, even mass murder and genocide, to get their way. This amazing book, by Michael Collins Piper, is the only book ever to unmask the High Priests of War.


After reading Final Judgment, I jokingly commented to an acquaintance, “Michael Collins Piper has ruined any further JFK research on my part because, compared to his book, everything else seems like child’s play.” Well, the same rationale now applies to the mainstream media’s coverage of the men who are orchestrating our war in Iraq. In contrast to what Michael Collins Piper has accomplished in his latest work, The High Priests of War, our corporate newsmen resemble an emasculated band of poseurs who can’t (or won’t) tell the American people what’s actually taking place within the corridors of power in our nation’s capital.

Beginning with a brief overview of the Cold War fraud which was played out in great detail and with great drama on the world stage, Piper shows us how a small but tightly-linked cabal of “neo-conservatives” rose from Trotsky’s shadow to become adherents of Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson (a Democrat, by the way); then moved into the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations, where they were largely viewed as “crazies” that had to be contained. Along the way, we also discover how these twisted intellectuals are intricately tied to an underlying Zionist cause, and how they’re able to promote their aims via a well-established network of media outlets, think tanks, and politicians who had sold their souls long ago.

Piper’s greatest strength, though, lies in his ability to expose and interconnect those furtive elements that others shy away from, such as Richard Perle and William Kristol’s role in contriving our current war, their links to the Bilderbergs and CFR, and how a little known group – Team B – has hijacked the foreign policy arm of the Republican Party. But the author doesn’t stop there, for he carefully lists all of the people and organizations involved in this nefarious “Kosher Nostra.”

Of particular interest are two quotes contained within this book that truly convey where the loyalties lie for some of our Washingtonian power-brokers. One was provided by Arizona Senator John McCain (in regard to Israel’s survival), while the other was uttered by ex-CIA analyst George Friedman in relation to who most benefited from the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Needless to say, these passages are very eye-opening, and reveal the type of forces we’re up against.

On a final note, Michael Collins Piper must be credited for addressing quite possibly the most important aspect of the neo-con phenomenon: how the United States of America is being used as a pawn to do the dirty work for a group of Globalists in their quest for a centrally-governed international empire. In this sense, what we see on the nightly news or read in our daily newspapers isn’t the full-story, for a secret agenda is at hand, one that is systematically being implemented to manipulate and weaken our country until it eventually folds into the elitist’s vision of a New World Order. This book is a must read for those who feel the media pundits and talking heads aren’t playing it straight with us.

Victor Thorn


The only book in print exposing the entire secret history of how America’s “Neo-Conservative” Trotskyites—a clique of fanatic pro- Israel intriguers—came to power and orchestrated the war against Iraq as the first step in their drive for global empire. The book that blows the lid off the real origins of America’s disaster in Iraq, exposing who really started the Iraq war—and why.



Brought to you by the author who unmasked the long hidden role of Israel's intelligence division - the Mossad - alongside the CIA and the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate, in the assassination of President John Kennedy.

In 1994 Michael Collins Piper stirred up immense controversy with the release of his book, Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK assassination Conspiracy, marshaling vast evidence - theretofore ignored or suppressed - pointing toward the complicity of Israel's spy agency in the crime of the century. Since that time Final Judgment has emerged as a veritable underground best-seller, with some 35,000 copies in print and now newly released in a giant 768 page sixth edition.

Although nobody anywhere has been able to refute Piper's thesis, preferring instead to call him names, Final Judgment remains the unchallenged "last word" on the JFK assassination conspiracy.

Now in The High Priests of War, Piper has come forth with what is indisputably the first full-length exposition of the little-known history of the Zionist neo-conservative warmongers inside the Bush administration who orchestrated the war against Iraq. Project Censored called this the most censored story of 2003. Not any more.

Guaranteed: Nowhere else will you find such an authoritative and comprehensive work detailing the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of the history behind the intrigue that led up to the war against Iraq and the debacle that has followed. THE TRAGEDY OF IRAQ IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

Whatever happens in the years ahead, Michael Collins Piper's The High Priests of War will almost assuredly remain not just the "first word" on - but also the "final judgment" of - the Zionist neo-conservatives and the burgeoning threat of world holocaust they have unleashed through their needless no-win war against Iraq.


Although much has recently been written about the intrigues of the Zionist neo-conservatives who rule the roost in the administration of George W. Bush, The High Priests of War is by far the most comprehensive work on the subject available today, particularly in that it explores the Zionist neo-conservative agenda from a highly important historic perspective that has generally been ignored in the heat of current debate.

It can accurately be said that the author, Michael Collins Piper, was one of the first journalists on the face of the planet ot have recognized the Zionist neo-conservative infiltration of the upper ranks of the American political and intelligence mechanisms and then - as far back as the early 1980s - began writing about the phenomenon.

Piper duly credits our mutual longtime friend and colleague, the late Andrew St. George - to whom this book is dedicated - with having pioneered the first significant news reportage on the Zionist neo-conservatives, and it can rightly be said that St. George is the literary "godfather" of this important book.

Tackling the most important political problem of our age and skillfully analyzing its origins, naming names and describing the agenda and the misdeeds of the highly astute and closely inter-connected group which is dexterously pulling the strings that manipulate the marionettes on the political stage, The High Priests of War is a landmark work.


Thus, as our country reels from disaster to disaster, the public is either told by the press how wonderful it all is or replaceable politicians are blamed for it while the zionist neo-conservatives only tighten their hold.

This sordid scenario is unknown to all but a tiny handful of American patriots. If a significant number of Americans can be awakened to the political reality described by Michael Collins Piper so clearly in this book, the exposure alone will put an end to the conspiracy.


The Secret History of How America's Zionist "Neo-Conservative" Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire.

The report that follows is based on this foundation:

THAT the war against Iraq being waged by the American administration of President George W. Bush is not only contrary to traditional "conservative" American principles, but contrary to all principles of American foreign policy during the last half century;

THAT the war against Iraq is being waged for far more broad ranging purposes than "regime change" or "eliminating weapons of mass destruction"; first and foremost, as part of an overall effort to establish the United States as the sole international super-power, capable military and economically, to suppress any nations and/or peoples who dare to challenge American hegemony;

THAT the war against Iraq is simply a first step in a long-standing, wide-ranging plan to launch an even more aggressive move against the entire Arab Middle East in order to "remake the Arab world" to secure the survival of - and expand the power of - THE STATE OF ISRAEL;

THAT the war against Iraq is only the initial target of this carefully planned scheme and that, ultimately, other Arab and Muslim states are slated for outright extinction or some form of occupation or control by American military and political forces (IN ALLIANCE WITH ISRAEL);

THAT the war against Iraq and the plan for the subjugation of the Arab people is quite simply a modified, modernized adaptation of the historic zionist dream of "Greater Israel," adjusted to meet the demands of the international oil companies, which are, in turn, fully prepared to share the aim of dominating the oil producing states of the Arab world IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE STATE OF ISRAEL;

THAT the war against Iraq was deliberately orchestrated by a small but powerful network of hard-line "right wing" Zionist elements - the self-styled "neo-conservatives" - at the highest levels of the Bush administration, skillfully aided and abetted by like-minded persons in public policy organizations, think tanks, publications and other institutions, all of which are closely interconnected and, in turn linked to HARD-LINE "LIKUDNIK" FORCES IN ISRAEL;

THAT the war against Iraq and the additional moves by the United States against the Arab world that are slated to follow can be traced to Zionist political intrigue inside the upper levels of the U.S. intelligence community, reaching as far back as the early 1970s, and that many of the same players involved in that activity are now guiding Bush administration policy today;

THAT the war against Iraq is an adjunct to the previously declared "war against terrorism" which was, in itself, part of a long evolving and carefully coordinated propaganda campaign founded on the theory that terrorism is somehow an "Arab" trait;

The High Priests of War will examine all of these aspects, citing a wide variety of sources, and will focus largely on given facts that have received wide circulation in the "mainstream" English-language press in the United States. The facts will speak for themselves. At any time this report delves into speculation or opinion, such views will be duly noted or otherwise clearly apparent.


I was given the chance to read the latest from Michael Collins Piper, entitled “The High Priests of War: The Secret History of How America’s ‘Neo-Conservative’ Trotskyites Came to Power…” This book is now available at and bookstores nationwide, as well as on American Free Press (its publisher).

I will have to confess that I’ve never read anything from Mr. Piper before, but had heard him in interviews on the radio once or twice regarding his previous books. I had always relegated him to “conspiranoid author” status and never bothered to look any more deeply into his w

Until now, that is.

I was offered a pre-production copy of this book to read last month and took it, thinking I’d maybe get around to it eventually. I was immediately impressed by the huge amount of research that had been done for a book that only spanned about 100 pages. Piper goes to great lengths to document his findings and, in most cases, does very little speculating himself and instead lets quotes and excerpts from news reporters and the “power mongers” themselves tell you directly what is going on.

This book is an awesome documentary on the “neo-conservatives,” their links to old Russian Trotsky-ite thinking, and their current drive for power here in America and (apparently) towards Global Empire.

You won’t find a lot of unsubstantiated conspiranoid ranting in this book. In fact, ranting of any sort isn’t present. Instead, you’ll find heavy bibliographical information, documentation, and a “storyline” of how the neo-cons came to power. You’ll also find that the same names keep appearing regularly in the neo-con events: those of Richard Perle and William Kristol, among others, will pop up continually.

In this book you’ll find plausible answers to questions you may ask regarding terrorism, Israel’s role in the Middle East, and who is really running American politics today. Don’t expect a lot of Jew-bating, hate-speech, or anti-semitic Nazi-talk from Piper. He tells it like it is without throwing in a lot of racial bias. He truly wants the answers and has found many of them.

I highly recommend the reading of this book by all concerned Americans wanting to know where the neo-cons came from, how they came to power in this country, and where they intend to go with it.
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