Connecting the Dots

Chat Room Losers & Trolls
by Victor Thorn

The biggest losers on the Internet (and maybe in the entire world) are the low-life trolls who continually hang-out in the various “patriot” chat rooms and message boards and don't do anything else. Not only are these places cesspools, but they’re notorious for being infiltrated by government spooks, agents, plants, shills, and losers.

Now don’t get me wrong: there are people who participate in certain online groups for one specific reason: to get and share valid news and information. These people genuinely seek knowledge, and they're the reason why discussion forums were originally created. So, please note that this article isn’t directed at them.

Instead, I’m talking about the lurkers, keyboard commandoes, and bottom-feeders who act as cancers in these little chat rooms and discussion forums. I mean, don’t any of these guys have jobs, girlfriends, or lives? Well, we know Phil Jayhan doesn’t have a job; that’s why he’s constantly begging for money in his little chat room. And incredibly, there are idiots who are stupid enough to give him their hard-earned money. It’s mind-blowing; but P.T. Barnum was right: there’s a sucker born every minute.

What these guys remind me of is Star Trek trekkies, or teenage video game addicts with their cute little nicknames (i.e. Snaggle Dog, the Enforcer, Commander Pod, etc); or maybe they simply live in their mother’s basement and geek-out all day long on the pathetic message boards because they don't have anything else to do.

Worse, many of these sites were actually created by the CIA in the first place, and the jerk-offs who linger in them are paid by intel agencies to promote their agenda. So, whenever somebody criticizes Alex Jones or Jeff Rense, these trolls circle their wagons and pounce on them with a vengeance. And you know its true because the same cretins are in all these different forums operating under the same exact modus operandis.

Can you imagine how pitiful the payroll CIA slithering worms must be who lurk in these chat room sewers? All day long they sit and watch, making sure nobody questions or exposes their infiltrator colleagues. I can’t think of a worse fate, and I can't help but wonder: how can these judas goats live with themselves? No wonder they're all so miserable. Who wouldn't be?

What these guys (they’re almost invariably male) who lurk in the little chat rooms remind me of are sixteen year-old high-school girls who sit around gossiping all day on their cell phones. Think about it. These are grown men acting like teenage groupies, swooning over their “heroes.” And for some reason I thought people in the patriot movement were supposed to be independent-minded. But these losers are the epitome of GROUP THINK where their “leader” sets the tone for a particular topic and all the other obedient lemmings follow suit.

It’s nothing but a groupie mentality, and the worst part is: even the people who run these sites think the lemmings are losers and useful idiots. They’re laughing at them, thinking, “I can’t believe these suckers are stupid enough to do my dirty work for me.” You’re their sheep that they pat on the head like obedient little zeroes. But hey, at least they’re part of a GROUP, regardless of how pathetic and inane it is.

In all honesty, these guys are even worse than Rush Limbaugh’s Ditto-Heads. Here’s an example why. We recently heard about a thread on Phil Jayhan’s panhandling site where the baby boys were crying, “What would we do if Alex Jones ever died? How would we survive?”

Can you even for one second believe it? What would they do? Here’s a suggestion: GROW UP! Become your own person. Get a life of your own instead of sucking on Alex Jones’ teet.

Listen: you’re adult, grown men whose highest aspiration is to be what … a sycophant? My God, how can you wake up in the morning and look yourselves in the mirror?

These people aren’t patriots … they’re SHEEPLE! They’re followers, just like the goobers who sit in front of their TVs and watch CNN or FOX. They’re potatoes, roots, slugs, mold, and infected diseases all wrapped up into one. And on top of that, they’d rather accept the BIG LIE than face reality – that way that don’t have to be alone. They'll still have their group of other losers who are equally as sorry, worthless, and wretched.

I could continue, but I have a suggestion for all the little chat room groupies and plants. Get a big black magic marker, and then write in huge capital letters across your forehead:


Then, every day when you’re sitting in your mama’s cellar geeking out on your miserable little message boards, take your magic marker and write LOSER over and over again on your forehead until it finally sinks in.

Grow up and quit being so worthless.

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