Connecting the Dots

Prediction: 2008 Democratic Ticket -
Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama

by Victor Thorn

All right, you’re hearing it here first – my number one prediction for the 2008 presidential race: the Democratic ticket will see Hillary Clinton as its nominee, with Illinois Senator Barack Obama as her VP.

What is my reasoning? First, a deal was arranged decades ago where Bill and Hillary Clinton were a two-for-one deal … just like George Bush Sr. and his retarded son W. (our current pretend boy president).

So, since 1980 we’ve had a Bush-Clinton-Bush succession (with Bush Sr. as VP under Reagan and Clinton as governor of Arkansas where they orchestrated the infamous Iran-Contra, Mena cocaine trafficking network in Bubba’s home state). As a reward, former CIA Director Bush was selected prez in 1988, while Slick Willie became commander-in-chief in ’92 (ultimately overseeing the OKC bombing). Then the reins were handed over to their puppet George W. so that the neo-cons and Israel could execute 9-11 to begin our Orwellian “perpetual war on terror.”

All that’s left now to pound the final nail into our country’s coffin is to place Hillary the Hun in the Oval Office in ’08.

Of course Mrs. Clinton is one of the most polarizing (hated) political figures in history, so she needs a “media darling” like Barack Obama (who was recently featured on last week’s cover of Time magazine) to take the edge off. Plus, Oprah Winfrey (another black media starlet) endorsed Obama a few weeks ago on CNN's softball interview show Larry King Live.

In this sense you can see the political maneuvering that’s taking place. The Queen of Mean (and her sexual predator, criminal husband who, amazingly, is still well-liked in certain brain-dead quarters) is being teamed with a young black man that is being wooed for his 'unity' and appeal. Needless to say he hasn’t done anything of significance in life except give a charismatic speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, but why should that stop the media juggernaut’s momentum?

Another aspect that must be examined is demographics. Hillary will presumably pull her carpet-bagger “home” state of New York, while Obama will carry Illinois (both with huge numbers in the Electoral College – 31 in NY and 21 in Illinois). Then, if Hillary can garner the women’s vote, while Obama pulls the blacks and other minorities, they just might have enough to win.

Finally, if you factor in the George W. Bush hangover, our disastrous war in Iraq (the Vietnam syndrome), and a scandalous GOP that has betrayed its conservative base (Tricky Dick Nixon's “I’m not a criminal” effect); the pickings are ripe for a Democratic victory (similar to Jimmy Carter defeating Bilderberg lap-dog fall-guy Gerald Ford in 1976).

Also, here is another huge indicator that the fix is in: the Republicans haven’t even remotely tried to put a candidate of merit up against Hillary in her New York senate race this year (i.e. a vicious pit bull that would rip her to shreds). In other words, rather than crushing her under the weight of all the damning evidence that is available (and believe me, there's plenty), they tip-toed through the tulips and gave Hillary a free pass. How convenient, don't you think?

Thus, it seems as if the die has already been cast to see Hillary stroll into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, along with her rapist, Dixie Mafia husband. Bush, according to plan, will continue to run this country into the ground for two more years, then the Republicans will nominate a limp dishrag candidate that has the appeal of a house plant (like the Democrats did with Michael Dukakis in 1988). In the meantime, Hillary will play the fake centrist while doing everything humanly possible to cover-up her rampant, out-of-control sociopathic character. [Trust me: this woman is a lunatic beyond words.]

Ultimately, remember the formula: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. And believe me, if this disastrous scenario proves true, God help us all because America will officially be classified as D.O.A.-R.I.P.

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