Connecting the Dots

Who is "Jeff Rense"?
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

During our recent research of Mr. Jeff Rense, we’ve noticed an odd fact that others in this field have also pointed-out. There is virtually zero information on the Internet about “Jeff Rense.” This anomaly exists despite what Rense himself touts as a long-heralded career in the mainstream media prior to entering the alternative media (including assignments as an 'award-winning' news anchor and news director, print journalist, author, and talk radio show host).

But there’s virtually nothing on the Web to substantiate his past journalistic and broadcast career, which is peculiar being that he’s supposedly been in this business for over two decades. No independent articles, interviews, or profiles other than those originating from his own website; and not even any photos except for variations of the cartoonish one on his website. It’s like his entire tenure as a newsman has been whitewashed down the Orwellian Memory Hole. How can that be, especially when there is a plenitude of information on others like Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert, etc?

In addition, no one that we've ever encountered has ever physically seen Jeff Rense; he never appears at public events; and no one that we've ever spoken to can even produce a phone number for him (which is odd considering how many guests he's had on his show over the years).

So, considering the nature of “conspiracy research” and the paranoia surrounding it (both founded and unfounded), we feel that transparency among the people who comprise the alternative media is essential to maintain legitimacy. It’s hard to imagine that anybody would argue this point.

So, we are making two simple requests of Jeff Rense:

1) Could you please provide the patriot community with a complete resume of your past career in the broadcasting/communications field, including places of employment, dates, addresses, plus contact names and numbers?

2) Could you please provide the patriot community with past photographs of yourself with others in your field that can be verified as to place and date (preferably from newspapers, magazines, company brochures, etc)?

We aren’t casting any aspersions or suspicions on Mr. Rense with the above questions, for once we obtain this information we will be able to continue our research. At this point, the most glaring problem we face is a void of specific, independently verifiable data regarding Jeff Rense’s past career.

So, as soon as we receive the above-requested information from Jeff Rense, we will continue our research and keep you updated on our findings.

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